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About Us

Cadron Creek Soapworks llc. is family owned and operated.  We have been making olive oil castile soap since 2011 on our family's farm in Mount Vernon, Arkansas.  We strive to keep our recipes simple and our ingredients natural and pure.  Making useful castile soaps that do not contain coconut oil, palm oil, soybean, corn, gluten, lard, or tallow is our first priority.  Making beautiful soaps comes second...even though that is the fun part! 

We use natural colorants such as micas, clays, and herbs to create color in the soaps.  We also use locally sourced herbs, milk, and honey. 



We hand-make four distinct lines of soaps in the shop:

Ultra Pure Traditional Castile contains only extra virgin olive oil, water, lye, and premium organic essential oils. The Ultra Pure Castile Soaps are a true castile soap using only cold pressed extra virgin olive oils.  We do not currently certify these soaps as "organic". 

Traditional Castile contains food grade olive oil, castor oil, water, lye, fragrance oils and essential oils. It is the simplest soap we make. It cures rock hard, lasts a long time, and is suitable for the majority of skin types.  Most of our castiles and all of our clay, charcoal, pine tar, and salt castiles are made by this recipe.

Aloe Shea Castile contains food grade olive oil, aloe vera juice, lye, castor oil, vitamin E oil, raw shea butter, fragrance oils and essential oils.  This soap is an excellent wintertime soap.  Due to the ample amount of shea butter in the bar, it is softer than the other soaps in the shop.  

Goat Milk Castile contains olive oil, goat milk, lye, castor oil, vitamin E oil, fragrance oils and essential oils. This soap cures rock hard and produces a fluffier lather than the other soaps.  It is a fantastic shampoo bar.  


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